Long Term Care (LTC) Unit

Of the new LTC Medicaid applications processed during the month, the % that had the client interview conducted within 10 days of receiving the application

0.0%Sep 2020

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  • Economic Services Division's (ESD) Applications and Documents Processing Center (ADPC)
  • LTC applicants, family members, case managers or authorized representatives responsible for participating in interview
Story Behind the Curve

Processing new LTC applications requires many steps to ensure that the eligibility determination is done in a compliant manner.  Federal rule requires that the financial eligibility determination be completed within 45 days of the application receipt date.  One of the early steps of processing an LTC Medicaid application is the applicant interview.   Best practice is for the interview to be conducted within ten days of the application being received in the LTC worker's OnBase queue.   The applications are first received by ESD’s ADPC Unit prior to being routed to the LTC worker (this normally takes two business days). 


LTC suspended interview requirement for COVID 19 Emergency Period which started on March 1, 2020


Last updated:  09/15/2020


As we gather and analyze data for this measure, the LTC Management Team will be able to determine if interview times are acceptable or need improvement.   If we identify any problematic trends, we will identify the root cause of the problems and develop strategies for improvement.

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