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Accounts Payable: % of invoices processed in under three business days of receipt in the AP/AR Unit

92.7%Sep 2020

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  • Department of Finance & Management
  • State of Vermont Treasurers Office
  • DVHA Vendors
  • DVHA Contractors
  • DVHA Grantees
Story Behind the Curve

This performance measure informs management and employees about how efficiently the unit is managing the financial and business aspects.

The Business Office utilizes KPIs to locate barriers to successful operations and design strategies that will lead to better performance.

Internal influences: Properly trained AP staff, and having trained backup staff to fill in when key AP positions are out of the office or vacant.

External influences: Ensuring that invoices are correct and ready to pay when received in AP. This may involve training other DVHA staff and reaching out to vendors.

June/July period - Contract invoices received mid to end of June cannot be processed until July due to Department of Finance & Management guidelines for year-end closeout. Because of this, the percentage of invoices processed more than three days after receipt greatly increases.

In May 2019, the trendline dips because there was a new employee being trained in AP.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the DVHA AP/AR Unit began working remotely on 3/16/2020.     New procedures for processing AP remotely were created.   The new procedure captures all policies, procedures and internal controls are followed, it is more timely than the procedure we have in the office environment. AP kept payments going out timely, although it did extend the time it took to process each invoice. AP processed the highest volume of invoices for March than any month in SFY2020.   Vermont Providers cash flow was restricted in March 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic; therefore, many were unable to pay Provider Taxes for the month of March 2020.

In April Accounts Payable did a great job this month working remotely and making sure all invoices were processed in a timely manner.

The percentage is down in August due to vacations and the influx of invoices.

Last updated:  10/15/2020

  • AP Unit Training and Backup – Current AP staff have been trained and have procedures and coding spreadsheets to assist with entering invoice vouchers. There are two other positions in the business office that have been trained and can fill in as backup if needed.
  • When invoices are not able to be processed, education is provided to other DVHA staff, vendors, etc. to ensure a better process going forward.
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