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Reporting: The ratio (%) of timely and accurate submission of required financial reporting

86.0%Aug 2020

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Story Behind the Curve

This performance measure shows how efficiently the Business Office (BO) is managing the financial and business aspects. The BO utilizes Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to locate barriers to successful operations and design strategies that will lead to better performance. This measure is all encompassing of the DVHA business office including items delivered by the Deputy Commissioner.

November was a difficult month because in addition to changing the format of the report, the Enrollment and Expenditures legislative report was completed by different Business Office staff due to key staff absence. The team is now keenly aware of the requirement to have fully trained back-ups in all required reporting and that this will impact the November KPIs for reporting timely and accurately.   

In addition to the legislative report which would have only dropped the KPI by 8% from 100%, the 52 points of light were submitted to AHS and JFO either late, or not at all, reducing the percentage of success by an additional 25%. While this KPI requires that this particular report is sent out on a weekly basis by upper management, the internal process proved successful during November as it left the Business Office review on time throughout the entire month.

Last updated: 09/15/2020


DVHA’s commissioner and deputies have stressed financial transparency and mitigation of errors. In order to meet our goal of 100% for this measure, the following strategies must be followed:

Financial Transparency

  • In order to make thoughtful and informed decisions by DVHA’s leadership, it is imperative that the Business Office is being honest and open about our performance, even when sub-par. In order to do so, we are committed to meeting both internal and external reporting requirements in the most accurate manner possible. This means adapting methodology that will allow all necessary reviewers appropriate time to approve any and all reports.

Mitigate Errors

  • DVHA Business Office is committed to only reporting accurate information to the best of its ability. It continually improves internal processes to adapt to both the requirements of its partners, and the accuracy of its reporting. Additional internal reviews are regularly evaluated, added, and improved upon so that errors are avoided whenever possible
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