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% of providers gaining access to their patient’s data through VHIE network

13.2%SFQ1 2021

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Notes on Methodology
  • The goal for this measure is to increase the total health care locations (providers) that have gained access to their patient's clinical data via the VHIE by the end of Q2 of SFY19.
  • Vermont Information Technology Leaders (VITL)
  • Vermont Providers
Story Behind the Curve

This measure quantifies the percent of providers gaining access to their patients' clinical data via the Vermont Health Information Exchange (VHIE). VITLAccess is a secure online provider portal supplied by Vermont’s Health Information Exchange. The VITLAccess portal allows providers to access clinical data for their patients, which is not stored within their practice’s electronic health record.

Last updated:  10/15/2020

  • Support the VHIE in developing data access methods that consumers demand, such as direct feeds into existing Electronic Health Record systems.
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