Data Management, Analysis & Integrity Unit

% of required federal and state reporting initiatives completed on time

100.0%Sep 2020

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Notes on Methodology

  • Burns & Associates / Reimbursement Unit
  • Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services / Policy Unit
  • eQ Health Systems / Vermont Chronic Care Initiative (VCCI)
  • OneCare Vermont / Payment Reform Unit
  • Onpoint Health / Blueprint for Health
Story Behind the Curve

Percent of data extracts (files) and required reporting deliverables completed by the Data Unit prior to or on the due date.

As a support entity within the department responsible for the development of information resources required for effective policy making, planning, regulation and evaluation for the state’s Medicaid program it is important to know how often the Data Unit is asked and relied on to provide data extracts to contractors and vendors working on behalf of the department and provide required reporting to federal and state partners to support ongoing policy development and implementation of Medicaid programs.

A goal of 100% was established in September 2018 for this measure.

The existing format is no longer desired.  We have been asked to re-format the layout of a report and due to COVID-19 have had to prioritize projects and could not re-format the report in time to run it during the reporting month. 

Last updated:  10/15/2020


Provide data extracts (files) to contracted business partners to support complementary data systems and department initiatives, as well as mandated reporting to state and federal entities.

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