Healthcare Access, Eligibility & Enrollment Unit (HAEEU)

Self-Serve Change Requests (as % of total requests)

5.0%Sep 2020

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DVHA-HAEEU works with partners across the state, including libraries, clinics, and community organizations in HAEEU's Assister Program to encourage Vermonters to set-up online accounts with Vermont Health Connect and then use those accounts to access their documents and report changes.

Story Behind the Curve

This metric measures the percentage of Vermont Health Connect (VHC) change requests that members make online themselves, as opposed to calling and talking to a Customer Support Representative.

The VHC system offers self-service options for Vermonters to pay their bills, report changes, and access tax documents and other forms. Self-service can lead to an improved customer experience as Vermonters can log in at their convenience. It can also save the State money through automation. The goal is for a continual increase in self-service adoption at a rate of at least 10% growth year-over-year.

The percentage of change requests made via the self-serve option has trended upward and met the target in most, but not all, months. December 2018's 9.9% was the highest rate of any month to date, representing more than a 15% increase over the previous December.  Significantly more members utilize this option during open enrollment, however, and the proportion then drops after open enrollment as Medicaid changes are less likely to be made via self-service. 

While it has shown improvement, change request uptake lags behind some other self-service areas. For example, nearly three out of five (57%) of new VHC applications were submitted via the online self-serve option during in December 2018, and nearly half of all electronic payments were made via the recurring payments option. 

Members who receive Medicaid for the Aged, Blind and Disabled and other non-MAGI benefit programs are served by the State's legacy ACCESS system and cannot currently utilize self-service options.


With the vast majority of change requests continuing to be made over the phone, more work needs to be done to increase the uptake of self-serve as an alternative to the call center for reporting changes to income and other household information. In 2018, DVHA promoted self-serve using bill stuffers, call center staff and partner organizations, and social media. During 2019 Open Enrollment, DVHA promoted the self-serve option in email, postcards, and other direct outreach, as well as on social media, press releases, and in notices.  In 2019, DVHA-HAEEU's customer experience team will evaluate input from members and work with partners to promote uptake.

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