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% of patients served by patient-centered medical homes (PCMHs)


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Notes on Methodology
  • The percentage of the population with data in VHCURES, state‚Äôs all-payer claims database, with a primary care visit who received the plurality of their care in a Blueprint-participating patient-centered medical home (PCMH).  This percentage was generated by Onpoint Health Data, the statewide administrator of VHCURES. Onpoint updated this percentage every six months, accounting for the next 6-month time period.
  • The trend line for this measure should increase as additional practices join the Blueprint or Blueprint practices grow their market share of the patient population in Vermont. However, it is also dependent on the number of members with data in VHCURES. For example, if the proportion of Vermonters who receive health coverage from plans that do not submit data to VHCURES changes, that could impact both the numerator and denominator.
  • The local Blueprint Transformation Network, which includes: QI Facilitators, Community Health Team leaders, and Project Managers
  • Staff at Blueprint Patient-Centered Medical Homes (PCMHs)
  • Onpoint Health Data (until 12/31/2019)
Story Behind the Curve

This is a measure of the percentage of Vermonters who receive their primary care from a Blueprint PCMH from the population of VHCURES members with a primary care visit. 

PCMHs provide top-quality primary care centered on several key evidence-based standards. By increasing the percentage of Vermonters who receive their primary care through PCMHs, we are increasing access to high quality care and the opportunity for improved health outcomes.

The trend line above shows that the percentage of Vermonters attributed to a PCMH has consistently stayed around 75% once the Blueprint PCMH network included most primary care practices in the state. Of note, state statute mandated that all willing primary care providers in Vermont be involved as a PCMH in the Blueprint by October 2013. Data points in 2015 and 2016 show a slight decrease in the percentage of the Blueprint patients from the population of VHCURES members with a primary care visit due to either improvements in the accuracy of attributing individuals to PCMHs at Onpoint Health Data or access to care issues.  The small increase between CY 2016 and CY 2017 can be attributed to continued engagement of providers across the State by Blueprint QI Facilitators to engage with practices and encourage participation in the Blueprint. It should be noted that the CY 2017 and CY 2018 data is not adjusted to account for the loss of data in VHCURES due to the Gobeille v. Liberty Mutual decision.  

Last updated:  03/2/2020

Author:  Blueprint for Health

  • Access to primary care is also an All Payer Model Population Health goal.  Work with the Green Mountain Care Board and partners to design strategies to increase access.  
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