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41Q2 2017

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Story Behind the Curve

In 2016, the Centreville United Methodist Church was serving Kent Island Elementary School in addition to Church Hill Elementary and Centreville Middle School. This year (2017), another church has taken the role of providing for Kent Island Elementary.

What Works

One student at Centreville Middle School asked the assistant principal when starting the 6th grade if he could continue to receive food through the Backpacks for Kids program. This student had received the bags of food for many years while in elementary school and now in his 8th grade year at Centreville Middle School and asked again through his guidance counselor if he would still be able to receive the food weekly. This is just one individual who has benefited and continues to show a tremendous need for assistance (verified by the school) and greatly appreciates being a recipient.

Recently we were asked if we would be able to add an additional three siblings to the program. The 3 children are without parents and are being raised solely by their grandmother who recently lost her husband and is struggling financially. We were told by the guidance counselor how much the grandparent appreciates the assistance of bags of food and how much it helps.

We have received numerous stories of "thank you" that the children express with excitement when receiving the bags from their guidance counselors and thank you notes from the parents who are struggling weekly to feed their families and greatly appreciate the help. A small act of kindness; wrapped up in a bag of weekend food helping to feed children who might go hungry otherwise, highlights the program's success!

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