Survey and Certification

INACTIVE - Percentage of DLP ‘complaint’ surveys (federal and state) completed within regulatory timelines

100%Q2 2016

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Story Behind the Curve

The Division of Licensing and Protection receives complaints, including self-reports, regarding facilities licensed by DLP in Vermont. These reports are evaluated and screened to determine if a survey is warranted. If a survey is warranted, it must be completed within a specific timeline depending on the severity of the allegations. This performance measure indicates the percentage of complaint surveys completed within timelines established by regulation. The higher the percentage, the better the performance in meeting a portion of DLP’s regulatory mission.


Facilities licensed by DLP, which includes acute care hospitals, home health agencies, nursing homes, residential care homes, therapeutic community residences, and assisted living residences.

What Works

Keeping DLP fully staffed helps to ensure that reports are quickly entered into tracking systems, reports are screened to determine the need for additional surveys, and surveys are both scheduled promptly and completed within regulatory timelines.

Action Plan

Maintain adequate level of trained staff to process complaints accurately and within regulatory timelines.

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