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HCV incidence rate among young PWIDs


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Why Is This Important?

HCV incidence lets us know how quickly HCV occurs in a population. HCV infection rates are disproportionately high among people who inject drugs (PWID), making them a priority population for EHCSF. This measure provides us an estimate of young PWIDs risk for HCV infection and it allows us to measure our progress in reducing new infections among this high-risk subpopulation. 

Story Behind the Curve
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  • This data source used in the study is specific to young adults who inject drugs, so we should be careful not to generalize these results to all PWIDs in SF.


Technical Notes

Description of data: The rate of new HCV infections among young PWIDs in SF, measured in person-years (py). 


  • Data time frame: 01/2000 - 01/2019
  • Data collected/analyzed: 2020

Inclusion/Exclusion Criteria:

  • Includes young adult (18-30 years old) PWIDs in San Francisco who participated in the UFO study. 

Description of data source: Data is primarily from the UFO study, which collected survey responses, structured interviews and serological tests for both anti-HCV and HCV RNA. A full description of the data source and statistical analyses can be found in the original paperHousing Stability and Hepatitis C Infection for Young Adults Who Inject Drugs: Examining the Relationship of Consistent and Intermittent Housing Status on HCV Infection Risk. The document is also attached here, under File Attachments. 

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