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225Q4 2019

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Why Is This Important?

The number of navigation hours tells us how much time navigators are spending with clients, providing navigation services. 

Story Behind the Curve

Question to PTL Workgroup: Any ideas as to why there were a lot more hours spent in Q2 of 2019? Any factors internal to EHCSF or the Community Navigator Program that led to more time being spent with clients, or where was there something happening in the city (external factors) that contributed to these numbers? Or is simply tied to the increase (nearly double) in navigators in Q2 of 2019. 

  Positive Negative
  • The Care Navigator program is cohort-based and therefore cyclical, which may explains the ups and downs in the data.
Quality Improvement Plan


Technical Notes

Description of data: The number of hours Community Navigators log providing hep C treatment navigation support per client.


  • Data time frame: 2018-2019
  • Data as of September 29, 2020

Inclusion/Exclusion Criteria: Includes data from the Community Navigator program. 

Description of Data Source:

Reference for QI Plan: 

Relevant PTL Strategic Priorities:

  • SP 3 - expand treatment in non-clinical spaces
  • SP4 - support rapid HCV start initiatives for PWID
  • SP5 - broaden simple navigation and linkage models
  • SP9 - improve community leadership
  • SP10 - improve engagement in HCV services
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