MMIS Program Maintenance & Operations Unit

% of Service Level Agreements (SLAs) met

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  • DXC Technology
  • Change HealthCare
  • eQHealth
  • DVHA’s Pharmacy Unit
  • DVHA’s Vermont Chronic Care Initiative
Story Behind the Curve

This performance measure is important to our unit because we support DVHA’s business areas with technology/service contractors to ensure that DVHA is getting the level of service defined in the contracts.

Each contractor supporting DVHA’s MMIS (DXC Technology – for fiscal agent services, provider services and claims/payments; Change HealthCare – the pharmacy benefit manager; and eQHealth – the care management vendor) has a set of contractual Service Level Agreements (SLAs) that they must measure and report to DVHA each month.  The SLA is the level at which the contractor must operate.  Any failure to meet a given SLA target could result in a monetary penalty, or Service Level Credit (SLC). 

The trend line is set at 100% to represent our target.  

Last updated:  09/17/2020


The MMIS Maintenance & Operations (M&O) Unit acts on behalf of the DXC Technology SOV contract owner, Lori Collins.  The M&O Unit will work directly with DXC Technology to address any SLA issues or failures.  The M&O Unit supports the other SOV contract owners as they work directly with their contractors to address any SLA issues or failures. 

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