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Why Is This Important?

Prevalence refers to the estimated proportion of viremic HCV infections in San Francisco. An estimate of HCV prevalance allows us to measure our progress and measure the impact of our interventions. This estimate also serves as a baseline as we evaluate and measure the progress of our work going forward. 

Story Behind the Curve
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[Identify partners (current or new) who might have a role to play in turning the curve.]


[Determine what ECHSF proposes to do to turn the curve.]

Technical Notes
  1. Shelley is going to lead an update to this 2015 estimate for 2018, incorporating new data as possible.
    1. Check into OPT-IN data to see if there's anything useful (including DHSH data)? Shelley to F/U with Chris about this (maybe talk to Darpun or Stephanie)
    2. JHS expanded a lot of their HCV testing and reporting internally, so we can follow up with David Leiva or ?? to find out more.
  2. The group agreed that the estimate should be updated every 3 years (with a 2-year lag)

Description of data: An estimate of the number of SF residents who are HCV viremic, NOT ACCOUNTING FOR CURES (i.e., those who have been treated and cured are still appearing here as chronically infected, because we have no reliable way to count cures overall at this point). 


  • Data time frame: 2015
  • Data collected/analyzed: 2017/2018

Description of data source: Data estimates are based on triangulation of data found in case registries, medical records, observational studies, and published literature from 2010 through 2017. A full description of the data source and study design can be found in the reserach articleEstimated hepatitis C prevalence and key population sizes in San Francisco: A foundation for elimination. The article is also attached here, under File Attachments. 

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