Early Care and Education

% of Childcare Deserts

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Story Behind the Curve

Flat - We want it to go Up (Include child care literacy)

Factors pushing up the trendline?

  • New State COVID related funding available 
  • Awareness of the issue - lack of child care and the importance
  • CNI project wants to build a child care site Ready Network and City of NN put $$ into family child care supply
  • City of NN has listed early education as a priority and wants to use an old building(s) to build child care sites esp for 4 yr olds - they met with folks from TX about this recently and I sat in
  • Support from the Governor/State

Factors pushing down the trendline?

  • Lack of books/supplies 
  • The business model is based on parent fees 
  • Limited profit for high-quality centers
  • High liability
  • Not enough providers
  • Not enough staff -can make more other places
  • Not everyone understands the value of childcare and the importance for educational success (including policymakers)
  • Limited childcare subsidies available 
  • COVID unemployment rate 
  • In a survey that we have sent to Hampton SS customers, they don't want to send their children to daycare due to COVID.
  • lack of education around what quality childcare looks like (parents)
  • formal vs informal childcare settings
  • knowledge for providers about best practices (quality rating system)
  • Are there incentives that can be provided for providers to engage in quality childcare practices? 
  • people feel more comfortable going to 'nationally branded centers'
  • employee retention at nationally branded centers
  • providers need support prior to opening (high-quality standards are infused at this point)
    • What does high touch support look like for them? What does it feel like? Are we holding their hand to walk thru the opening/development process
    • how can we support providers in providing nontraditional hours?

Factors causing disparities.

  • Financial barriers for people (Limited childcare subsidies available)
  • the distrust that families have of organized systems (rather have family members watch children based on cost for childcare)
  • perception of safety in low-income communities
  • have not found a way to ensure providers have basic core knowledge ((lack of)professional development)
  • there needs to be more support for incubation childcare centers
  • equitable resources for providers (books, equipment, furniture, advertising/marketing, etc.)
  • quality of care is not the same across the board...social and emotional support, nontraditional work hours, 

Anticipated (future/emerging) factors?

  • COVID-19 long term


Factors requiring additional research?

  • Identify the areas of greatest need
  • Do we have any local data regarding COVID cases in child care centers?
  • data points to validate that the childcare deserts are in areas of high crime/low-income communities
  • are neighbors 'partners'?
  • perception of nationally branded centers vs home/family centers

What are the top priority factors to address?



Who are the Partners (internal or external) and their specific roles to Turn the Curve? (Address the priority factors)

  • City of Newport News
  • Hampton Roads Community Action 
  • VA Quality
  • churches
  • neighborhood association
  • Redevelopment and housing
What Works

What Works to Turn the Curve? (Actions to address the priority factors)


Research and Evidence-Based?



Public Policy Changes?



Low or No-Cost Ideas?



Off-the Wall ideas? (No limit to cost or imagination)

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