Job Seeker Services: To implement strong customer-focused practices with 70% sustainable employment placement rate

% of participants employed after six months

78.5%Q2 2020

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Story Behind the Curve

Why is this measure important?  

This measure is important to monitor the number of sustainable employment obtained through various customer-focused programs and services to better inform the effectiveness of the workforce system.    

Analysis of Contributing and Restricting Factors 

Contributing factors:

  • Maryland Workforce Exchange (MWE) database is developed for data capture
  • Good procedures and sytems in place for documenting customer case notes.
  • Experienced staff and strong partnerships

Restricting factors:

  • Requires labor intensive follow-up strategies. 
  • Data results are dependent on employee self-reporting that may not be substantiated
  • No system in place to acccurately capture employment placements of other entities beyond WSM


  1. CBO and non-profit partners providing employment barrier supports and security
  2. Training entities that close the skills gap
  3. Employers providing opportunities for a range of employment
What Works

Successful practices occur through strong and individualized case management systems.  Each job seeker is assigned a career specialist or referred to the appropriate partner agency to provide the needed supports towards sustainable employment.  Services must be comprehensive and consistent through job placement and follow-up to ensure sustainable employment.

Action Plan
  1.  Continue to collect and follow-up with customers that have recieved direct services from WSM
  2. Convene partner entitites and encourage data share strategies for a more comprehensive understanding of job placement rates
  3. Continue to engage employers with opportunites at a sustainable wage to enhance long-term employment
  4. Convene and align training programs with the in-demand opportunties
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