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A good strategy to reduce risk factors and increase protective factors among youth is to provide education and skills to parents. The BRHD supports a program called Parenting Wisely. This program has been offered in DVD format and beginning in FY2020 the BRHD is providing the program online. Providing the program online allows parents to complete the class on their own time, without the need to find babysitters or adjust their schedules to attend a class in person. Until the second half of 2019 the BRHD did not actively promote the class in the community, but worked with agencies and substance abuse treatment for referrals to the class. There is also the potential for a 6-month lag between when a parent signs up for the online class and when they complete the online class. The BRHD saw an increase in parents signing up for the class during the first half of FY2020 but very few completed the class during this time.


Family Works Inc, CAPSA, BRHD Substance Abuse Treatment

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