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# of confirmatory RNA tests

34Q4 2020

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Why Is This Important?

The number of confirmatory RNA tests lets us know how well we are following up with people to confirm active/inactive HCV infection after their antibody test. 

Story Behind the Curve
  Positive Negative
  • Because antibody and RNA tests are usually done in different days, they are not recorded on the same data form - so there can be a delay in collecting RNA data or incomplete/missing data. 
  • We are still collecting data (2019 and 2020) from CBOs, so the data is not complete.


Quality Improvement Plan


Technical Notes

Description of data: The quarterly number of people who receive a positive hep C antibody test at SFDPH-funded CBOs who also receive a hep C RNA test to confirm infection.


  • Data time frame: 2019
  • Data as of September 29, 2020

Inclusion/Exclusion Criteria: 7 SFDPH-funded CBOs. 

Description of Data Source: CBOs complete an SFDPH HCV data testing form for every client that receives testing services. CBOs can complete the form via paper or submit electronically. 

Reference for QI Plan: 

Relevant PTL Strategic Priorities:

  • SP6 - increase reflex RNA testing
  • SP7 - improve awareness of HCV among the public
  • SP8 - reduce HCV-related stigma via social marketing campaign
  • SP11 - engage and empower community members
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