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# of people linked to treatment

3Q4 2020

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Why Is This Important?

The number of clients linked to treatment tell us how well we're doing in following up with our clients and ensuring they begin a course of HCV treatment. 

Story Behind the Curve
  Positive Negative
  • 2019 data is missing some data, which may contribute to lower numbers for that year. 
  • 2020 data is preliminary and data is still coming in. 
  • In general, it is hard to track if people are linked to treatment, so these numbers may be an underestimate of reality. 
Quality Improvement Plan


Technical Notes

Description of data: The number of hep C RNA positive clients linked to treatment


  • Data time frame: 2016-current
  • Data as of September 29, 2020

Inclusion/Exclusion Criteria: 3 SFDPH-funded CBOs.

Description of Data Source:

Reference for QI Plan: 

Relevant PTL Strategic Priorities:

SP3 - expand treatment in non-clinical spaces
SP4 - support rapid HCV start initiatives for PWID
SP5 - broaden simple navigation and linkage models
SP6 - increase reflex RNA testing
SP8 - reduce HCV-related stigma via social marketing campaign
SP10 - improve engagement in HCV services
SP11 - engage and empower community members

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