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Average Number of Individuals on the Chittenden County Hub Wait List

0Q1 2019

Story Behind the Curve

Updated May 2019

The number of individuals on the waitlist for the hub was declining over time. In April 2015, the highest number of individuals were on the waitlist at 302. Since then, the waitlist has been steadily declining. When the Franklin/Grand Isle Hub opened in July 2017, the number individuals on the Chittenden Clinic waitlist dropped. The waitlist reached zero in September 2016 and remained at zero until March of 2018. In March and April, there was a small waitlist. This waitlist can be attributed, in part, to short staffing at the Chittenden Clinic. In May 2018, the waitlist went back down to zero. [1]  We are working with our partners to keep it there. Timely access to treatment is a priority.

  • Howard Center Chittenden Clinic
  • Expand and diversify residential treatment capacity [2]
  • Develop materials to assist clinicians in explaining the typical course of MAT and positive and negative considerations of medication termination and post-MAT continuing care [3]
  • Review and revise the patient  placement instruments to improve placement of individuals in the Hub and Spoke system [4]
  • Ensure there are enough waivered providers and clinicians in the county to meet the treatment demand
Scorecard Result Program Indicator Performance Measure Action Actual Value Target Value Tag S R I P PM A m/d/yy m/d/yyyy