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Vermonters are safe from harm

Firearm-related death rate per 100,000 Vermonters


Story Behind the Curve

Further investigation into Vermont’s gunshot wound incidents shows that most are related to attempts to end one’s life or related to events of domestic violence.


Reducing deaths related to firearms using public health related strategies involves many partners, such as schools, law enforcement, mental health professionals, health care providers, and community based groups.

What Works

Programs that have been employed to affect this measure include firearm public safety messages, health care provider education with individuals and families, hunter education courses, distribution of gun safety locks, and outreach to gun shop owners.


Strategies involve outreach and coordination with state and community partners as listed above.

Why Is This Important?

Many firearm related deaths can be prevented by using strategies employed by public health actions and in collaboration with local and state partners.

Notes on Methodology

Age adjusted to U.S. 2000 standard population. Data include all Vermont residents. Data from 2015 are considered preliminary.

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