100 % of TTUSD 3rd grade students are proficient or above in reading and 1 more...less... Download Data

3rd Grade Reading - Disaggregated Data

% of TTUSD third grade students scoring "near/at or above standard" on Reading Area of the CASSP - English Language Learners

45%SY 2017

What is this indicator?

% of TTUSD 3rd graders classified as English Language learners and scoring near, at, or above proficient on Reading claim of the annual CAASP statewide standardized exam.

DataQuest Enrollment by English Language Acquisition Status (ELAS) and Grade

*Updated to Ever EL per TTUSD 11/2018

Story Behind the Curve

English Learner (EL) reading proficiency is significantly lower when compared to their statewide counterparts. However, English Learner students’ reading proficiency* should be reviewed in relation to the reclassification of several students from English Learners to Fluent English Learners prior to the test and leaving a true reflection of students who need further instruction in the academic English language.

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