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Learning activities delivered across the District - programmes

24Q4 2016

Story Behind the Curve

HDC Community Outcomes: We invest in the knowledge and skills of our people so they can fully participate in society.

THT Objectives:

  • Independant learners have educational and training opportunities that support their literacy, knowledge and skill development,
  • Local communities and individuals have access to the digital world and are confident users of technology, able to participate effectively in the digital world, free from unneccesary restrictions or charges.

Supporting lifelong learning is at the very heart of what we do as a Trust; it is one of our core values.

Education is the key to life success and we work closely with our community, usually offsite in the preschool years, helping support the development of crucial pre-literacy skills. Children who enter school with a love of language and books are already on the road to educational success which means they have far more options in life. Learning doesn't stop once you finish school and throughout adulthood, as technology and society changes, we need to be perpetually learning new skills, brushing up on knowledge or just finding out about 'things'.


The Trust partners with providers to deliver programmes that suit all ages and learning styles. In FY 2016 these included Seniornet, the 20/20 Trust and Victoria University.

What Works

We know that one size does not fit all. We design 'learning' programmes which try to provide something for everyone from cradle to grave, formal and informal, 1 on 1 and group, entry level to university.

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