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Investment per capita in new Library materials

$8.19Q4 2016

Story Behind the Curve

The relevant HDC Community Outcome for library services is: A community of knowledge, culture and diversity where people are pleased to live.

The relevant Trust Objective is: Communities and individuals have access to information, ideas and works of the imagination important to all aspects of their lives.

The chart shows the cumulative spend per quarter, per capita.


Our primary supplier of print materials is Wheelers who are a NZ based library supply company. We also use Baker and Tayor for hardback fiction and largeprint, Ulverscroft, Mighty Ape and Aro Video.

We purchase about 90% of the customer recommendations for purchase that we receive.

What Works

The annual public library statistics show that Horowhenua ranks consistently in the top 5 for collection turnover despite spending less per capita on new stock than many other libraries so we know we are doing something right. We spend about the same as most libraries on new stock each year but our collection size is less than the NZ Public Library Standard.


THT apply collection management practices which ensure quality selection and disposal of library materials in print and digital formats. We discard old, tired, outdated or 'slow' stock on a regular basis to ensure the shelves are not cluttered or over stocked. Our goal is to have an excellent high-use collection that does not expand in size.

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