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Number of new relationships developed

27Q4 2016

Story Behind the Curve

The relevant Horowhenua District Council (HDC) Outcome that this Te Horowhenua Trust (THT) Objective maps to is: All sectors of the community are encouraged to work effectively together to achieve the best for the District.

THT objective: Strategic and operational partnerships that enable the Trust to make a stronger contribution to the deveelopment of social capital in Horowhenua.

Synergy is one of the Trust's core values and we try always to work in partnership with our community and not in competition against organisations with similar goals to ours. Our role is more of facilitation rather than purely provision and we are delighted to provide core social infrastructure that others can leverage to achieve their own goals.


THT will partner with individuals, non-profits, government departments, funding bodies and commercial entities as appropriate for each activity.

What Works

Making a conscious effort when planning activities to consider who we could partner with ensures we never lose sight of this goal. Collaboration has to be two ways and not all partnerships benefit each side equally; we are perfectly happy to help others achieve their goals so long as the project does not go against our mission or values.

Mission: To be a catalyst for inspiring, delighting and developing the Horowhenua District.

Values: Integrity, lifelong learning, manaakitanga, innovation, customer delight, synergy and neutrality.


Focus Team Leads are responsible for ensuring that teams consider potential partners when developing project plans. New relationships that have been developed and existing relationships which have been strengthened are tracked through monthly reporting.

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