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By April 2018, establish and maintain a new community garden in a low-income area in either Gridley or Oroville.


Story Behind the Curve

Butte County Public Health Department (BCPHD), Hmong Cultural Center of Butte County, Sherry Morgado

What Works

"Community Gardens", County Health Rankings and Roadmaps. Available at: http://www.countyhealthrankings.org/policies/commu...



Target Date

Resources Required

Lead Person/ Organization

Anticipated Product or Result

Contact local community garden subject-matter experts to solicit involvement.


Staff time

Sherry Morgado

Additional partners and support

Conduct a target assessment of Gridley and/or Oroville jurisdictions who have expressed interest in establishing a community garden.


Staff time

Aimee Critser, BCPHD

Seng Yang, Hmong Cultural Center of Butte County

Assessment completed

Final location for community garden determined.


Staff time

All stakeholders

Location determined

Assist with the development of a Community Garden guideline and/or policy.


Staff time, Volunteers

All stakeholders

Garden roles and responsibilities established. Shared throughout the community.

Training held for community partners regarding garden set-up and ongoing maintenance.


Staff time, Volunteers, Existing Partners

Aimee Critser, BCPHD

Sherry Morgado

Community prepared to establish and maintain garden

Assist partners with obtainment of gardening materials and land preparation.


Existing Partners

Aimee Critser, BCPHD

Garden ready to be established

Publicity and community celebration.


Staff time, Existing Partners

Aimee Critser, BCPHD

Community achievement and recognition

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