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Collaboration - Strategic and operational partnerships.

Number of collaborative projects delivered.

13Q4 2016

Story Behind the Curve

The best measure of how successful our partnership efforts are is to measure how productive the relationships are. We enhance our networks through the development of new relationships and the strengthening of existing ones but the real test is in how many collaborative programmes or initiatives are delivered in partnership with others.

What Works

Project Planning

We cannot afford to invest resources for low return. We know that sound project planning; deliberate selection of potential partners; fully developed funding and communications plans; and effective project management greatly reduce the risk of projects not proceeding or failing. Our reputation and track record of delivering is crucial.


We know that framing our projects into the 'language' of potential partners, and mapped to their objectives and priorities, makes it easy for the synergies to be spotted.

Say Yes

The most powerful driver of collaborative projects is our practice of saying 'yes' and then figuring out how to make it work afterwards. If a potential partner thinks we are good fit then our work is half done already. Being open to the left-field suggestions and willing to run through a project planning template to assess risks and opportunities has produced some spectacular collaborative projects in the past. Therefore, networking is crucial so that we have access to a greater pool of potential partners who can bring us their ideas. Our capacity to invest in networking and partnership enhancing relationships has to be developed.


Having identified and understood our networks we identify potential partners that we could work with:

Project Planning

Embed, through project planning templates, the practice of always identifying potential partners and potential funders for all programmes, activities and new initiatives.

Grant Management

Coordinate all grant applications in order to match applications with the best potential funder, to avoid duplication, maximise dollar value of applications and develop a reputation as an effective organisation that always delivers on commitments in a timely manner.

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