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Buncombe County is the safest place in the universe, with resilient communities free from domestic violence, sexual violence and child maltreatment.

Thriving Kids Indicators

Children in Buncombe County grow up free from toxic stress, nurtured by family and community.

All young men in Buncombe County stay out of jail/prison and/or the juvenile justice system and have the tools they need to succeed in school.

Child abuse and/or neglect was found (rate per 1,000) - Buncombe


Data Description & Source

Description: This data is a POPULATION RATE of abuse or neglect cases per 1,000 children (age 0-17).

Source: Buncombe County Health & Human Services provides the number of cases where abuse and/or neglect were found in each fiscal year. From this raw data, a population rate is calculated by dividing that maltreatment number by the total child population for that year times 1,000. Population data comes from the US Census Bureau.

Story Behind the Curve

Information about this indicator coming soon!

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