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Months of inventory for single-family homes

3.1 Months2018

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Story Behind the Curve

This indicator shows the number of months it would take for all current listings on the market to sell if no new units were added. A healthy housing market has 6 months of inventory. Months of inventory is not a measure of how long properties are on the market before they are sold.

Why Is This Important?

A healthy housing market is one in which approximately six months of housing units for ownership are on the market.

Note on Methodology

Months of supply is the number of houses currently for sale divided by the average number of homes sold per month.For example, in the past 12 months 139 single family homes sold in an area. If we divide 139 by 12 we get an average of 11.58 homes per month. To get the months of supply divide the current supply, which is 89 homes, by 11.58. The example area has 7.69 months of supply.

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