Reduce Chittenden County's consumption of energy and reliance on non-renewable, energy. Improve the cost-effectiveness, efficiency and reliability on the energy production, transmission, and distribution system.

Annual Natural Gas Consumption (million mcf)

8.9 mcf2017

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Story Behind the Curve

Natural Gas consumption continues to increase as customers are making a choice to switch from dirtier fuels to natural gas in an effort to save money and reduce their ghg emissions. Also a large compressed natural gas supplier has come online in Chittenden County recently. However, calendar year 2016 excludes gas used by wholesale customers. 

Why Is This Important?

Understanding whether energy use is increasing or decreasing will help citizens, businesses, and industry to gauge the effectiveness of their efforts to conserve and use less energy.

Note on Methodology

Natural gas consumption data is reported by revenue period within a calendar year. For example, bills in calendar month January will include some consumption that actually occurred in the month of December. Calendar year 2016 

excludes gas used by wholesale customers. 

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