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Story Behind the Curve

Starting in 2016, the Connecticut Department of Public Health "will no longer be reporting on APNCU (Adequacy of Prenatal Care Utilization) as part of Registration Reporting due to poor accuracy of reporting of frequency of prenatal care visits on the birth certificate."  

CT Data is no longer making this information available except in their archives.


Women may not realize that they qualify for Husky when pregnant, even if they did not qualify before. Transportation to OB appointments may be a problem as well as finding a provider who is open when the patient can be seen. Many women who work during the day and are unable to take time off from appointments need to find an OB they can see either early in the morning (before work) or in the evening (after work). Southington has two OB/GYN offices and only one is open after 5pm.

Women in Southington can qualify for WIC while pregnant and breastfeeding. They can also qualify with young children up to age 5. However, the closest WIC office is in Bristol and if the family does not have transportation to get to the appointments, or if they are working and cannot take time off to go to the office, then they cannot participate.

The percentage of babies born at low birth weight is closely related to the percentage of preterm deliveries. Women who receive inadequate prenatal care are also at higher risk to deliver an underweight baby.

Regular prenatal screenings can identify problems early. For women with existing risk factors, active monitoring and treatment to control the conditions during the prenatal period are especially important.

Prenatal care as defined according to APNCU Index:

  • Adequate care is defined as Pre-Natal Care (PNC) begun by month 4 and 80-109% of expected visits received. This is the data shown in Plan.
  • Adequate plus (intensive) care is defined as PNC begun by month 4 and 110% or more of expected visits received.
  • Inadequate care is defined as PNC begun after the 4th month or under 50% of expected visits received.
  • Intermediate care is defined as PNC begun by month 4 and between 50-79% of expected visits received. Inadequate care can be subdivided to isolate those with no PNC.

Good prenatal care supports healthy birth weights and reduces pre-term birth, resulting in less health issues for babies.

Healthcare, including preventative care, has traditionally been unaffordable for some people. However, with the introduction of the Affordable Care Act, new options have arisen for families who may not have had access to healthcare, including prenatal care.


Hospital of Central CT -- Bradley Memorial Campus

Urgent Care Clinics

Friends and Family Members

Local Obstetricians and Gynecologists

Southington Community Services

Wheeler Clinic

What Works

Investigate if the Hospital of Central CT -- Bradley Memorial Campus (located in Southington) can assist with providing prenatal care to residents who cannot obtain it directly from an OB/GYN's office

The Hospital of Central CT -- New Britain Campus with a new federal grant has expanded its Parents as Teachers home visiting program to serve 120 pregnant women with weekly home visits. Initially these visits focus on healthy pregnancy and after delivery they shift to support the families with child development information and case management services.

The Hospital of Central CT -- New Britain Campus' Family Enrichment Center has started offering free birthing classes in English and Spanish.

The Hospital of Central CT -- New Britain Campus' Prenatal Clinic will begin offering prenatal care using the Centering Pregnancy Model of small group prenatal care, which has shown promising results in other communities.

Raise awareness regarding the importance of prenatal care and the availability of local resources.

Partner with the Town Clerk in Southington to send a birth packet of information that is coordinated through the ECCS to alert new mothers and fathers about the resources and programs available in Southington.

Identify providers in Southington and surrounding communities who accept HUSKY Insurance.

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