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We understand the make-up of the Tahoe Truckee student population

% "Ever English Learners"

30.20%SY 2019

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What is this Indicator?


2019  RECOMMEND USING CDE DATA QUEST AS SOURCE (INCLUDE CHARTER SCHOOLS) FIX? is this data including charter schools? Enrollment data does not include Charter Schools, disaggregated data should have same methodology

10/2018 updated data to Ever EL. Per TTUSD: "EverEL-- this group includes any students who was EVER an EL- so current students who are EL or RFEP (redesignated fluent English proficient). This shift provides a more comprehensive look at how this student group is doing--"

TTUSD tracks students who are classified as "English Learners," as well as those students who have met the exit criteria, and who are now "Reclassified Fluent English Proficient." The Report Card is tracking the percentage of students enrolled who were "Ever ELs," those who have ever been classified as English Learners.

Story Behind the Curve

Overall rates of English Learners within TTUSD has changed very little, in proportion to the total number of enrollees in the district, however our total population of "English Learners" and "Reclassified Fluent English Proficient" students combined continues to grow. So while EL enrollment appears unchanging, we are in fact enrolling more ELs, and reclassifying a greater number of ELs each year, due to an increasing percentage of ELs meeting the exit criteria each year.


2011-12 through 2016-17 data updated March 13, 2018. Data does not include Sierra Expeditionary Learning School.

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