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High School Success

EDUCATION: Early Childhood - Grade 12


Percent of Youth that graduate from high school-five year

93.7%FY 2017

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Story Behind the Curve

The graduation rate has been increasing over the past couple of years because Des Moines Public School district graduation rate has increased due to the increased focus on graduation and the increased investments, volunteer and advocacy. In 2009, the target was 90% and because we are currently at 89.5%, we decided to do a mid-course correction and make the target 95% for 2020. Over the years, United Way has partnered with Des Moines Public Schools to increase the graduation rate. The first was a volunteer effort to ask students who are undercredited or who had dropped out or just stopped attending to return to school. This event usually happens on a Saturday which involves a volunteer army of about 300 people plus the staff from the school district. This year will be the fourth event that used to be called "Reach out to Dropout" but now is the "Graduation Walk". Even though this event may only bring small numbers back to the traditional school, it does get these students to think about non-traditional ways to complete their education. Another large investment was the Academic Support Lab. This is an alternative way for students to earn credit. This has been the most successful strategy for the district that all of the high schools now have an Academic Support Lab. In 2008, DMPS had a graduation rate of 63% and now the graduation rate is almost 80%.


School districts in Central Iowa, United Way of Central Iowa, other community based organizations


This year will be the first year that we will have graduation rates that include all of the high schools with Academic Support Labs. It is anticipated that the graduation rates will increase significantly.


Source: Iowa Dept of Education

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