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Youth Employment: % of 16-24 Year Olds in the Labor Force


Story Behind the Curve

The Bureau of Labor Statistics defines the "labor force participation rate" as the percent of the population, either employed or unemployed, who are actively working or trying to find work and not part of the civilian institutionalized population.  59.2% of Maryland's population of 16 through 24 year olds was within the Federal FY16 labor force.  Maryland saw a slight reversal in this trend that started in 2011.   

What Works

A critical goal of the Childen’s Cabinet is building human capital that leads to gainful employment. State agencies use coordinated approaches toward prevention of unemployment and creating pathways to employment. For youth with disabilities, the Department of Labor, Licensing, & Regulation is launching the Disability Employment Initiative, which will expand support services, job training, and outreach to businesses. These efforts will be coordinated with the Department of Education Division of Rehabilitative Services, Behavioral Health Administration, Department of Disabilities, and the Developmental Disabilities Administration. The Children’s Cabinet will also be working toward two-generation strategies to connect parents of youth involved with child welfare with employment, to increase family economic stability and produce better outcomes for children and youth. A complete list of collaborative strategies and programs will be included in the Children’s Cabinet’s Three-Year Plan.

Data Discussion

The percent of young adults ages 16 through 24 who are in the labor force.

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