Medicaid Compliance Unit

What We Do

The Medicaid Compliance Unit (MCU) collaborates with programs responsible for delivering Medicaid services to ensure that programs are run in compliance with state and federal laws, rules and policies.

Who We Serve

The MCU coordinates with departments across AHS to ensure that Vermont Medicaid members benefit from a healthcare system that follows all required rules and policies.

How We Impact

The MCU provides consultation and assistance to Vermont Medicaid programs on compliance issues and assists these programs with compliance corrective actions as necessary.

Action Plan

The MCU's top priorities for SFY20 are:

  • Ensure that our Electronic Visit Verification system is fully implemented by the end of CY 2020.
  • Work with AHS to reconfigure our compliance program to improve coordination across the Agency.
  • To prepare for the annual EQRO audit by reviewing the audit standards with responsible program managers
  • To review programs involved with the audit to ensure that our procedures follow federal, state and agency requirements and that our adherence to the standards can be demonstrated through data and documentation
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