Oversight and Monitoring Unit

What We Do

The Oversight & Monitoring Unit (OMU) consists of two teams; Audit & Internal Control and Healthcare Quality Control. The OMU is responsible for ensuring the effectiveness and efficiency of departmental control environments, operational processes, regulatory compliance, and financial and performance reporting in line with applicable laws and regulations.

Who We Serve

The OMU serves DVHA Senior Leadership and all DVHA departments and units.

How We Impact

The OMU facilitates and consults on numerous exams, reviews and audits to establish professional working relationships between the DVHA units, examiners, regulators and auditors resulting in a better understanding of what is truly an issue versus a miscommunication, which results in reduced of findings.

The Health Care Quality Control Unit reviews beneficiary enrollment and eligibility determinations consistent with guidelines set forth in the Federal Payment Error Rate Measurement (PERM) regulations. This process requires a separate and distinct business area to conduct quality control reviews of eligibility determinations, based on CMS defined scopes, quantities and time frames. 

Action Plan

The top priorities/initiatives for the OMU in SF20 are:

  • Establish control environment testing based on existing SOPs
  • Complete an inventory of other controls existing in DVHA areas to assess need for further SOPs
  • Close the current open CAPs for prior audits
  • Assist with ACO contract and control environment
  • The goal of the O&M group is to facilitate open communication, through a single voice, to ensure all expectations of auditors and regulators are met, and that there are no repeat findings.  Collectively, this transparency will promote further success of the program.
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