Area Agencies on Aging (AAA) - Self-Neglect Response

Budget information

Each Area Agency on Aging receives an annual $53,000 grant award.  The grant term is two years. 

MCO investment expenditures; includes indirect allocations to GC MCO (per DAIL business office):

SFY2019 plan   SFY2018 est.    SFY2017 actual    SFY2016 actual

$280,000             $278,000           $277,257                $276,830


What We Do

Vermont's Area Agencies on Aging build a coordinated response to self-neglect through a variety of activities.  These include raising awareness, providing education, training and case management to individuals considered self-neglecting. 

Who We Serve

Adults, 60 years and older, who can be described as self-neglecting.

How We Impact

The Area Agencies on Aging respond to self-neglect referrals and provide case management services to those who are identified as self-neglecting.  Case managers work with individuals who are self-neglecting to develop goals identified by the individual and by use of a risk and safety evaluation tool.  Goals may be related to food, shelter, medical/mental/financial health or in other areas.  To help achieve these goals community partners and resources are accessed and leveraged.  Where resources don't exist, the Area Agencies on Aging work to build awareness and capacity.

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