Objective #1: The Alliance for Kids will sustain and promote the FamilySPEAK project to connect and empower families to access available parenting resources.

Expected Outcome

Expected Outcome #1: Sustain financial supports for the FamilySPEAK project in order to provide twelve-month continual project funding.

Expected Outcome #2: Increase strategies to promote access to the FamilySPEAK project, resources and supports for parents as evidenced by a 15% increase in accessing FamilySPEAK resources annually.

Strategic Plan Language

Expected Outcome #1 Supporting Strategies (Year One):

a. Research, write and submit four grant applications requesting financial support for FamilySPEAK project by June 30, 2018.

b. Contact 10 local business with the intent of forming a partnership with three of them to financially sponsor and host two parent education or resource information sessions at their locations.

c. Encourage at least one of the three business partners identified in Strategy (b) to sponsor a family fun night or parent training class at a lower income child care center of school district.

d. Encourage businesses and individuals to make a donation towards FamilySPEAK project.

Expected Outcome #2 Supporting Strategies (Year One):

a. Champion FamilySPEAK project throughout the community using a variety of existing and new strategies, such as parent education to connect and empower parents in accessing available parenting resources.

b. Engage two new community parents organizations annually in the FamilySPEAK project and integrate FamilySPEAK material into their internal programming as evidenced by MOUs.

c. Increase and promote parent access to child health information, including but not limited to, oral health, injury prevention, and child development.

d. Develop dynamic content to increase visits to the website by 10% annually.

e. Increase connecting links on websites to four new partnering agencies.

f. Recruit four partner agencies to host a FamilySPEAK link on their website.

g. Within one year, create a needs assessment report based on feedback collected through a survey of parents and community organizations connected to vulnerable families in El Paso County.

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