Reconnection of Opportunity Youth to Education and Employment (St. Mary's County FY20 and Beyond) Annual

Story Behind the Curve

HFY2 20/Annual: The data for this program was adversely affected  by COVID.  The contracting process did not allow for the award to made until late February.  As the vendor prepared to announce the position, the state went on lock down and the organization went into a hiring freeze because individuals were not allowed to interviewed during that time period.   It was not until June that a plan was in place on how to move forward, which was too late to begin recruiting for program in FY20.

Program Summary

The Reconnections program will utilize the support of two full-time “transition navigators” whose role is to provide outreach, identification and case management services which help youth meet educational, career and personal goals, including improving current employment, completion of a high school credential, entering college or career training, or connecting to a local high demand industry, such as hospitality, construction, health care and social assistance, and retail.

Target Population

During year one of implementation there will focus on two areas: 1) youth already identified through public helping systems, who may include those in high school; those who are experiencing homelessness; who have a disability; who may be pregnant or parenting; or low-income youth who require additional assistance to enter or complete an educational program or to secure or hold employment. 2) Youth residing in Lexington Park, Maryland will be the second area of focus

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