Healthy Heights (Prince George's County FY20 and Beyond) Annual

Program Summary

The Healthy Heights-Nuts (nutrition) and Cuts (budgeting) Program includes nutrition and budgeting courses. The following monthly, one to two- (1-2) hour course are offered to participants:

EFNEP’s nutrition objective is to introduce smart snacking, increase a variety of fruits and vegetables, increase whole grains, low-fat or non-fat dairy intake, food label reading, healthier fast food choices, decrease fat in the diet, food safety, and much more.  EFNEP has age appropriate pre-post surveys for participants.

The Career Community Center’s (CCC) budgeting curriculum includes a visit to a local grocery store and visits to the Community Garden. The goal is to teach parents and children how to budget to purchase healthy food items which in many cases are more expensive.

The Gardening curriculum encourages growing one’s own food in order to supplement the families’ food budget. A local master gardener will assist with this portion of the budgeting class. Participants will have the opportunity to prepare their garden space in the District Heights Community Garden provided by the grant, plant seedlings and harvest their crop(s). Participant will complete an assessment at the end of each course.

Target Population

The Healthy Heights Program will target  Prince George’s County declared food desert communities; residents and elementary schools in the following zip codes: 20743, 20746, 20747 and 20748.

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